Mcq on Isolated system (objective questions and answers)

In mechanical engineering mcq website today we solving Thermodyanamics subject multiple choice questions Mcq on Isolated  system thermodynamics (objective questions and answers).

Guys this isolated system in Thermodynamics mcq with answer is important for all competitive exam so without wasting time start Mcq on isolated system.

Mcq on Isolated system (objective questions and answers)

Isolated system mcq - 1
An isolated system in one which

A. Not Energy is transfer mass is not transfer 
B. Mass is transfer but Energy is not transfer 
C. Both mass and Energy is transfer 
D. Not mass is transfer and not energy is transfer 
       Answer - D

Isolated system mcq - 2
Which of the following example of isolated system ?

A. Turbine
B. Pump
C. Coffee mug
D. All of the above 
       Answer - C

Isolated system mcq - 3
In isolated system of thermodynamics mass and energy both are .......... from one system to another system

A. Not Transfer 
B. Transfer
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above
       Answer - A

Isolated system mcq - 4
Coffee mugis example of..........

A. Isolated system 
B. Closed system
C. Open system
D. can't say 
       Answer - A

Isolated system mcq - 5
In isolated system mass and energy both are not cross the boundaries of the system

A. True
B. False
       Answer - A

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